Painting in collaboration

  • Title : Ganzi
  • Painting in collaboration with ALICE MORISHITA
  • Medium : Ink, Acrylic, Coffee, Thangka pigment Thread on Canvas
  • Size : w70 x 90cm  (27.56" x 35.43")
  • Created : 2019


Hendrik Willemyns from the Belgian band Arsenal had put together a poetry book called "Room of Imaginary Creatures" which is a collection of poems written by musicians and poets as part of a project that researches the connection between music, poetry and prostitution. Each poem comes with an illustration and I participated with 5 of my illustrations. I did the illustrations for lyrics sang by the American singer Johnny Whitney (ex: The Blood Brothers).

ベルギーにて国民的人気を誇るロックバンド、ARSENALのHendrik Willemynsが編纂している詩集本「Room Of Imaginary Creatures」にイラストを5点提供しました。

音楽、詩、売春の関係を研究するプロジェクトで、Hendrik Willemynsがまとめて一冊の本にしています。僕は、その中のアメリカ人シンガーであるJohnny Whitney(元The blood brothers)が詠った5つの詩へのイラストを担当しました。

詩集「Room Of Imaginary Creatures」は、以下のサイトから購入出来るようです。


Collaboration of short film

  • Title : #3
  • Collaboration of short film with YUTA KUMACHI
  • Director, Cinematography, Film Editing by KENSUKE SAITO
  • Music by YUTA KUMACHI
  • Time : 11min 53sec
  • Created : 2017



I was born in Tokyo and grew up there, but 4 years ago in 2015, I moved to Berlin.

Nature and lakes had never been so close to me in my life before.

As I spent more time at the lake, I began to realize the multiple expressions the nature held.

I began to feel a big wave of life and rhythm through the lake. I also felt a sense of mysticism through it.

I tried to capture the rich expressions the nature held, using the camera and filming the lake.

However, unfortunately it turned out very even and flat. It felt very lifeless, and tasteless.

Later on I returned to the lake to compare the difference between the filmed lake and the real one in front of me.

The real lake had irregularities. It was unpredictable yet rich with its natural rhythms.

The camera on the other hand can only film with the fixed rhythm you set at the beginning.

When you film the lake with a fixed setting, so much of the beauty falls through the fingers like quicksand. The rhythm of the lake is not fixed. In times it flows calmly, and in times it flows faster.


In order to capture the rich expressions of the lake itself, instead of capturing it as a film,

I decided to take sequence of photographs to create a flow using each picture.

I tried to manually put it together in order to create a big beautiful flow.

I felt that this was the best way to capture the rich expression the nature held.