Kensuke Saito was born in 1978 Tokyo, Japan. He was born with a severe hearing disability, and for this reason he naturally depended on visual information. By the time he was in middle school, he started drawing, as a form of visual communication.  Later on, he majored in graphic design where he learned the skills to construct information into a visual content. He continued to draw on his own on the side. His detailed work is expressed mainly using pen and ink. In 2012, he moved to Paris, then to Berlin in 2015. After his relocation to Europe, his artistic practice has been focused on drawing and painting.



I was born with a severe hearing disability, so I tend to compensate my lack of sound information with visual information. Unconsciously, I process and filter a lot of information I acquire in everyday life into visual form. 




Due to this, I am very much attracted to the "beauty of composition". I believe the act of drawing and painting allows me to pursue and research this theme. "What is life?" is another constant theme or the question I ask myself through my creative process. Through my works, I try to gain a better understanding and a better answer every time.




Pen is a very primitive tool which can be very much controlled. I feel like this is a perfect medium to express detailed images. At the same time, I use the dripping technique to destruct the controlled composition I create in order to find the beauty beyond control.